Wednesday, May 21, 2008

MOTODEV Summit, 15th May, Bangalore


Motorola has addressed a large community of developers from this event and best thing was that it was free. What it could have provided is a DVD of all sessions as I was able to attend only 6 in that one day event. Event was really nice, although at the beginning it seems to be Marketing. Motorola has some nice IDE's for development and that too are free. Some terms I came to know about in this summit:

  • UIQ
  • Windows Mobile Development
  • and J2ME Optimizing apps

There were very basic "Hello World" workshop sessions on them. I am waiting for WebUI to be released and gets my hands dirty on that. Its complete JavaScript and interacting with hardware using JavaScript. Its probably going to be a beta release this summer.

image For the time being, I will get my hands on MOTODEV STUDIO. [Follow the link to download MOTODEV Studio].

"Hello MOTO"