Sunday, October 15, 2006

A hug with my Dream Girl

Everybody in his/her life likes someone and after the parents the only one who lives with his/her Whole Life. I saw a dream yesterday and that dream is the one of the most precious moment from my life which I need. What I saw in my Dream is something like . . .

"I don't know how to dance so I reached a training school where dance is taught and I was there to learn the Belle Dance,(I din know the name of the dance before that dream) and my companion was my dream girl(to whom I had never seen). She was knowing a bit about that dance so instructor set that girl as my companion. She told me steps on how to dance and we started. As I started dancing I asked her, "What are you doing here?" (As I know her). She replied "I am searching for a life partner". Then we danced for a long time and at the end of dance she had given me a tight hug and I feel like she was crying and I was right. I asked her why you are crying. She din replied anything and we were in that position for a long time. That was the first time I hug a girl (dream girl). As she was crying a lot I was felling wet and I got awake. The water bottle was leaking and water for pouring on my hand."

That night was the most precious night for me. But I haven't seen her face.

I can't forget that first hug with that girl(dream girl). . . . . . . .