Thursday, October 12, 2006

Preparation Begins on Last Day

Today, I realized that I had wasted lots of time, I came to know about the mistakes I had done and what I have to do to improve my performance. I don't know but I had created an image which I think is not good. I can't understand how that sort of image is created. For now it is fine but I don't need that image in other minds. The last day before the final test takes you to the journey so far that realizes you what you had done since starting and if start thinking then you realize and come to know what mistakes you have done so far and note down if possible that what you have to do to improve. The last day preparation tells a lot about that subject and the time which has gone and will never come back just because "Time and tide waits for none".

The last day before that first exam(test) either it will be going to motivate you as you come to know that I was able to do better than what I had did. So, The suggestion from my side:
its never too late "Start Now"