Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ninth MGPA and Last DSAL Class

the last class on DSAL(Data Structure and Algorithms). I learned many new things from that topic. But still it is a vast topic so I would like to learn more on that topic with implementation. The concepts which I had grasp from those Classes are very good and far new to me as I had never implemented those concepts in programming. Playing with References was a good game. Java is getting interesting as all the MGPT's will be implemented on Java only.
The last MGPA was a cube painted. I had implemented the logic and all the sample inputs were running successfully but I got stuck there as there were 8 inputs in which I had satisfied the 4 inputs. That's the power of thinking out of 100 students only 9 cleared. I would like to have a book or write a book on "how to think to solve a problem within time bound".
As I will get experience on more problem solving I think that I will be able to write the steps or how to build a program more faster. One thing which one should remember is the Inheritence property i.e. The problem which you have solved with an Approach that Approach is necessary and you should remember that approach as that concept may be applied to some other problem as well. So try to get a lot of approaches for a single problem or get different approaches from different people. That will be of great help. This 9th MGPA was not tough but the thinking was vast.

Still need a lot of practice to be perfect.

But, Nobody is perfect we try to be perfect.

I did my best, which was not satisfactory.