Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Flight Reservation Headache (First time)

Today, I received a call from my home, received a message that I should be there in Diwali Festival. So, I checked for the flights available on the net. The rates were very cheap as I seen on the net. Each company has a competition with other so I was not worried about that whether I will not be able to get a seat. But when I reached to the Travel Agent, He told me that he has only one seat available on 20th Oct Night which will cost me 5050/- I told him that I had seen on the net that the ticket is very cheap and told the name of the companies which are giving the ticket at cheap rate but he was there at his point that he has one ticket and if I would like to buy then take it. I call back to my home and told them all the information about the happenings I got. They told me that buy that ticket. Then I reached at ATM and drawn money and bought the ticket at that high cost which was not liking to buy, But........
On the next day I got the ticket from the Travel Agent and in that evening I checked for the seat on the net. I was surprised that there is no facility to check that ticket validity as I had bought that ticket at that higher cost then I was a bit worried but I don't take tension. I tried to check at many Flight Companies but there is no option to check the validity of that ticket which I had received. If I had got the Credit Card I think that this problem will not have been occured as I would be able to buy the ticket online without any Travel Agent. Now, I have a ticket to go to Delhi and come back both are in the night and I will be coming back in the night at 1 a.m.
Tech savvy guys also have to face problems while using this technology(Online reservation is one of the option infact the best one which one may opt for).
That's it.
Ending with an hope that Next Reservation will not be that much tough.