Sunday, September 24, 2006


Today, 23rd Sept'06 I was having a class on Technical Communication being taken by Mr. Govind.
There were many viewers and and we were called in a group of 6. Each of us were getting a topic
and we have to speak on that topic for atleast 5 minutes. I liked each of the topic given and
my mind is striking what I have to speak on that topic but when I was there for that GD I was
not able to speak and cut any one of my group members. I was wondering where they have taken that
The topic given to us was, "Women can manage both home and job together" and I was not able to
think even a single line on that topic and my group members were discussing on that topic and
giving the examples of many womens who have managed and who have not able to manage.
That experience was very bad for me. I don't have much of that examples to discuss. I have to
improve that thing. I should be able to make points a particular topic for atleast 5 minutes and
should be able to make the GD a good experience for me.

Hopefully ending that I will improve myself.