Sunday, September 03, 2006

My first oral presentation at CDAC (Topic MOODLE)

This are some excerpts from my presentation on the topic MOODLE.
On-line learning has made a revolution the way we learn.
Today, I am going to give you some of the informatioin about moodle.
"Are you all familiar with moodle?"
Well most of us are familiar with moodle interface and some of us know about it.

So, What is moodle?
Moodle is an opensource e-learning paltform. The word moodle was originally an acronym of Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment, which is mostly useful to programmers and education theroist.
Moodle has been evolving since 1999. The current version is 1.6 which was released on 19th June'06. It has been translated into 61 different languages.

System Requirements
Moodle will run on any computer that can run PHP and can support many types of databases.

Moodle is the creation of Martin Dougiamas a former WebCT administrator at Curtin University. Moodle is provided freely as opensource software. You are allowed to copy, use & modify moodle.
Moodle has a very large user base with 13 thousands registered sites in 158 counatries with approx 50 lac users.

Moodle has many features expected from an e-learning, including Forums, content managing, Quizzes with different kinds of Questinon and Several activity modules.
A growing no of people from around the world are contributing to Moodle in different ways. IN 2003, the company was launched to provide additional commercial support for those who need it, as well as managed hosting, consulting & other services.

That's come to the end of my presentation
That's what I have for you for today.

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Chetan K. Sachdev