Sunday, September 03, 2006

My 3rd MGPA at CDAC Banglore

I had mentioned the experience of mine after my 2 MGPA'S. Now as the third one had been occured so I would like to tell, that I haven't cleared that. Actually the problem was to easy that I had solved within 10 minutes and implemented within 20 min and 3 or more dryrun and the output was correct which I was expecting. But the 4th Input of parikshak environment was too long where my logic got failed. So for those who are facing such problems, My suggestion is that please think for all aspects of output to make the Parikshak Environment happy.

Thats for now
The next MGPA is on 4th Sept'06. And I still believe that I am doing by best and will do it.

With Regards;
Chetan K. Sachdev