Monday, August 28, 2006

My first visit to Infosys Campus Bangalore

Hello dudes,
Today, the 27th Aug'06 Sunday; today was my first visit to Infosys Campus. One of my friend's relative is working in that company so we got the pass to visit the Company. We all friends enjoyed a lot. We approximately visited the 42 Buildings. The first look gives a really nice look. We felt as we were in our dream Company and we have to be there and work.(and enjoy ofcourse).
All the entertainment facilities are available within the campus like Gymnasium, Swimming Pool, Snooker, Table Tennis and to mention a few. We were there for two hours and gets a lot of snaps.
Well, everything has gone nice but as we have to prepare for our next MGPA which is on 29th Aug'06 so we came early. Rest in another post.

"Live is full of choices, Choose Carefully."

With Regards,
Chetan K. Sachdev