Thursday, August 24, 2006

My First Class in C-DAC Bangalore

Hello Friends,
This is Chetan K. Sachdev. On 7th of Aug it was my first visit to C-DAC Bangalore. On that day I got entered in the class at the first sight I liked the institute as the first entrance I got 4 books with the manual for three months. The prospectus was nice and the class was creating a pleasing environment. The introduction started and we reached at the Lunch time and visited the canteen. The food was nice. Again we got back to the class and got the keys to the room. That was my first day at the C-DAC Hostel. And at last at 7:30pm I got the Dinner. The dinner was pleasing and I got a nice sleep on my first day.

Well thats done.
My first day at C-DAC Bangalore