Thursday, August 24, 2006

About My 2 MGPA'S at C-DAC

Hello Guys
I would like to share my experience of MGPA(Machine Graded Programming Assessment). In an MGPA we are having two hour to solve a problem. First hour is given to think about a problem and develop a logic and implement it in a language.
The next hour is given to implement the logic before system. and submit it to system for checking for the inputs provided by the system.
The first one hour is really nice. You will implement the logic if you understand the problem. But the problem arises when we were implementing that in the system. If there is a little bit of mistake of syntax then mind stops working and there will be a hotch-potch of the whole program.
So According to me the better way is to implementation should be on the paper first with the whole syntax so that the probability of getting a syntax error should be less.

I would like to have any suggestions from you guys so that the probability of getting the errors should be less.


In my first MGPA I developed the logic withing 10 minutes and implemented on the sheet and had taken dry run on the Sample Inputs Provided but still there was something missing in my program. I came to know within the first hour and resolved the problem. And typed the program into the system within 2 minutes. And submitted without any hitch.
And yes there were all 'Y' . And I came out of the lab happily

On the second MGPA IN C-DAC
The experience of second MGPA was tremendous. I was not able to develop the logic of the problem as I was not aware of queue implementation. and the problem was from the queue so still with some reasoning I tried to develop a solution and got 3 'Y'. All of a sudden (I don't know) the system rebooted in the last 10 minutes. And I had no hope to resolve the problem so I quitted. But with some boost in me that I will clear the next MGPA and on that evening I started preparation of the next test.

I believe that I will do my best and clear the next MGPA.

With Regards;
Chetan K. Sachdev