Sunday, October 15, 2006


Problem Week Number 3
This week three problems:

1. I am currently using the stumbleupon. I am unable to get how that entry gets added to that server and how it gives pages according to a huge amount of users choice and preference's as I click on the Stumble Button.

2. I am facing a problem for 1 week was that I had converted pdf file to ps format but I am unable to print that file in unix environment. I din know which command is there to print that ps file. Its fulll form is PostScript.

3. I am working in LAN if I have something to share then I am unable to send it to another system unless and until I upload it to my account. Currently working in Windows 2000. I think Active Directory is not set or LAN sharing file transfer is not available.
Rest problems, next week. . . . . . .