Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Goal ! How far . .

At the age of 23 but still not given a deep focus on my goal. How to define one's goal? Tough question. According to me the answer to this question is when you will leave from this beautiful Earth, How other's will remember you and will you exist after your death? When this question thrieves in mind, the mind starts wondering, What should I do?
One should have a deep focus for e.g. How a magnifying glass burns a piece of paper? When you hold a paper against sunlight, it doesn't burn. It's only when you put the paper under a magnifying glass that the paper burns. It's because the glass brings the rays together and focusses on them.
We all have a lot of capabilities, but we lack focus. Tremendous focus and perseverance are needed to succeed. Nothing comes easy in this World. No knowledge is useless. But we remember things that interest us. And its' only when you are interested, can you become interesting. Ya! if you become interesting for others. Keep striving to reach greater heights. Sometimes things work in your favour, sometimes they won't. But if one is keen to make a breakthrough, he will.
And, my focus is on "One day, my name will be the answer of General Knowledge Questions" :)

got a focus