Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Self - Improvement

As the title of this blog "Steps towards perfection . . ." suggests that there should be some content to move towards perfection, after getting the placement, I had given more time to that and followed some suggestions from PVS Gupta. Well let me document what he suggested me to keep yourself updated:
1. Read Hindu Newspaper - Editorial Section - > For vocab and whats happening recently
2. Read front page of Hindu Newspaper - to know what happened yesterday
3. BSC Publication Data Sufficiency book -> for that sort of problems
4. BSC Publication Quicker Maths -> for Aptitude
5. BSC Publication Analytical Problems
6. Goyal Saab "How to read better & faster" by Norman Lewis -> for Comprehension problems
7. Finally "Word Power Made Easy"
And I found these books very good and useful for clearing entrance tests. Well a good suggestion :)

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