Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Long time back where I left

Oops, after a long time I am back on blog. Well, its a long time back and there are many things to be documented. From where to start, mmmmmmmmmm, Well start from the placements the hottest topic for the last few months from where I stopped posting on blogs. Well, I attended my first interview in S7 Solutions and after reaching till the last round, I was thrown out cause I was not a B.Tech and haven't cleared any MGPT or whatever the reason may be, if taking it positivly may be I was not suiting their requirement. Then I prepared somewhat hard and appered on next interview. Company name was Neev Technologies, run by the NCSTian who had pursued this course before. And last night, before that interview, I was watching a documentary "What the bleep down the rabbit hole" based on Quantum Physics and discussing on "Law of Attraction", well again thanks to Mr. Prakhar Sachan. And on the next day after clearing first round, I was just waiting for the result and result was pretty nice, I was through the first round and after that there were two rounds and I cleared those as well. And finally I got selected and currently a Neevtechian. And we 9 got selected in that company. Let me name them, Jayesh Powar, Jaydeep Vishwakarma, Kartikay Ram Tripathi, Pankaj Moholkar, Ahmer Munir Khan, Anurag Bajpai, Gaurav Soni, Abhishek Garg(NCST room mate) and me. Well now going on a fast-track, we were asked to join from 1st June itself but as we were interested in course so we asked them and yeppy we got some more days to be in NCST and they decided that we will join on 18th June but due to quizzes and last elective module they given us extension and finally we will be joining on 2nd July. So nice of them. Oh! I think that I got too fast and reached today, lets go back what happened in between, well we visited company on 1st June as said by them and filled up some forms and submitted them finally and 3 of us were not having their identity proof so we got that done from RTO office on 4th June and submitted those forms and other documents on 7th(don't remember) June and came back. In between we also visited our room provided by Company.
And as in between there was placement activities were commencing so there were many good news as well from other friends. Vipul Khare, recent project partner, got selected in MISYS, and currently "Sohan Pal Singh Sanghwan", recent project partner, got selected in Xtremedata. That's what happened uptil now.

Hope to keep it updated :)

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