Wednesday, April 11, 2007

How fast it can be

I. I would not like to use this I but as I am the user of this account and I am the one who is going to write in this blog so I have to use this I. Could any body tell me how I can avoid to use this I. This I is not good to be said, as said by many saints, many book teaches that we should avoid this I. Now, lets come to the topic as I should avoid don't be going off the track. I am pursuing FPGDST course from CDAC(Formerly NCST), Bangalore. And using many technologies on which I used to have just hands-on experience. I used to start on that technology as a hands-on and as there is not any such project so I just start them as printing a simple "Hello World \n". The basic line which is got printed by many Technical Writers. and having some hands on on loops, functions, structure/classes. That's it. Now, is this useful, as it takes a lot of time learning that technology and without running a single project on that I used to move over to another technology having and keeping a reference in my memory that ya I know something about that technology. Usually it takes 15 days to have just the basics, now joining some of the forums on the net makes you a bit smarter as a hands-on and problem solving skills in a hands-on. So, after learning a new technology one must discuss with others as a beginner level it should be done, which will take you one level up. Now, its upto you how you would like to use and implement. Use google to find out some of the forums in that technology or best is to Stumble on that topic against forums. It will give some really good results given by experienced persons. Don't forget to click on "I Like it" as you reach a good forum in that topic.
Rest is all upto you.
Good Luck in all of your efforts.