Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What a father looks in his son (Just an observation)

Me, with my friends living. And I am out of my home for past 4 yrs. Sometimes, my friends visit hostel or the place where we were staying and I was observing what they are trying to find out. They take feedback from all whoever knows their child but according to me a Father knows his child better. And there is no one who can make a fool of them and give them a positive feedback on which their child doesn't stand. They try to find out what is his current status. They start from the problems, their child may have and the child may state/may not state the problems. And after that all, now their turn; catch the room partner. :) Get the whole introduction of him again and comparison starts with his son/daughter and now the room partner is being caught and S/he will try to stiff out of that matter or S/he will found a very important work and will try to finish it off as soon as possible. But some catch in the story and will try to compare, which was hidden for a long time and now the comparison story goes a longer.
When that thing goes over, still catch with other problems which match with all of the room mates and then final decision taken in favour of their son/daughter, wow! After all only Parents knows their child better. Now, they observe what their child is doing in his whole day, ofcourse as long as they are with him, His behaviour is like an innocent child who doesn't know about all that obfescities that are occuring and those silly words which S/he is used to use. :)
Now, the final round, after observing his/her persent state, they give him some comments. (Why don't they motivate at that time ?) Child thinks good/bad but S/he knows their is still someone who cares for him.
Ye daulat bhi le lo, ye shauhrat bhi le lo
bhale mujhse shin lo meri jawani
magar mujh ko lo ta do bachpan ka sawan
wo kagah ki kashti wo barish ka pani

Never forget your parents, and I have one more poem to share
Bhulo sabhi ko magar maa baap ko bhulo nahi