Tuesday, March 20, 2007

How far I am from my love, my destination, my goal, my ... .... ... ...

Today, I was just analyzing what I had got till now as I had just see the video "The Secret". This video was fantastic. I thought that this video should be available in different languages. If I got that video earlier then I would be not where I am now. This video could change the way you live and feel life. One could have decided what S/he would like to achive. If you are a consistent reader of my blog you could have analyzed that I am writing about the achievements and goals and life. According to me what is more important than these three factors life, goal and achievements. I had related them very closely. If you are reading this blog means that you are in a life where there should be some goals should be fixed and to achieve those goals you should be working and during that work you may have achieve something. Now, achievement is very useful so that you can analyze how far you are from your goal. Setting the goal is one of the important thing. Now, as in the previous blog I had written how you could think of what you will be 20 yrs from now. So I got one solution for that i.e. Nature is giving you every time and accept what Nature is giving it to you. Like, somebody invited you for chat, for tea, for playing games etc. The things I mentioned occur today with me. Earlier I missed those opportunities, but now on I am accepting what I am getting. Its the way, Nature is giving you all over the day now it is upto you when to accept and when to reject. This is the Law of Attraction. and think of the things which you like instead of thinking about what you would not like to have.
Thanks to my friend "Prakhar Sachan" who provided me that video.

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