Tuesday, March 20, 2007

StumbleUpon (a great addon for Firefox)

This addon is for those who wish to spend their time on Internet for hours, days, months, years, ... This addon gives the website result based on your choice. They have many categories. Depending upon which when you click on the stumble button you will be directed to a new site in that intereset. If you are interested and liked that this is the relevent site in this topic just give press the button "I like it". and now the priority of this site is high as you have given it once I like it. Everytime you will be directed to a new site. Using this addon you will be just scanning the page to which you are directed. Just stumble and depending upon your topic choosen you will be directed. For using this tool you need to first get an account on http://www.stumbleupon.com and just register on it as it is free. After that click on stumbleupon button, if you are the first time user then you will be asked to provide the username and the password. You can choose to save the password or clear the password as you close all instance of your browser. Sometimes the website you get may be irrelevant according to you so give it "I don't like it". And don't worry there is no need to bookmark at all as all these I like it are going to be added to your list. You will be getting a webpage of yours as I have two of them
Its a huge network within that huge network of networks called Internet. Just go get it and feel it.
(Note: I will recommed don't waste more than 1 hr on Internet when you are using StumbleUpon as there are lot of matter to read and view but we people are running against time, so please don't waste time as Time and tide waits for none).
Happy Surfing