Sunday, March 18, 2007


........................................ its really very tough to explain how one can feel inferior to another. Time is running and one may be trying to reach his destination(perfection) and in his/her way S/he met lot of people who are indulge to reach him; towards perfection. Now there are people who are helping him in some way and some are not. Its like Nature is giving you and you have to catch it up. Its upto you how much you can grasp/take. I was feeling inferior in some places and in some places I feel superior and I thanks to those persons when I feel superior who helped me to reach where I am now. But how long this perfection will sustain. To keep it in a consistent state one has to work hard to improve it as S/he grows up. I am feeling tired, I don't know why but its like I , I would not like to quit but again, how can I explain.
One has to decide his destination the final destination but how S/he can decide what S/he would like to be after 20yrs from now. I am facing this problem might be just because of Thinking Big. I think big so that I could have reach at-least up-to some extent to that destination which I have decided for my own. Now this inferiority feeling should not sustain but it should remind you the final destination of yourself. Whenever you feel inferior you could have think of your goal and how this inferiority could have helped is like (Questioning to the person: How do you reach this destination(goal), What you would have referred). This could help you to sustain a bit more. You could have done this thing but no. You were not because you haven't taken/grasp what nature was giving to you. Nature is giving and at a particular time it is giving, its upto you how to hit that opportunity. The time will pass out and there will be huge bunch of opportunities, don't get tired, always its just the beginning and you will hit your goal.
Best of luck for me and to you.