Sunday, April 20, 2008

Delegation and Dependency Vs Reliability

Well, the title of this blog, seems very odd isn't it ? What I am going to write in this; is my experience. It can have 2 perspectives:
From Managers Perspective: I delegate some task to a co-worker, this increases dependency on that work and if I don't find him reliable, this is not going to help me to proceed.

From Co-worker Perspective: Some task is assigned to me, I will work hard to get this done as its being delegated to me and they find me a reliable person on which they trust so I will give my best to complete this.
Below is an image, which will force you to think that this is true in most of the cases.

Learning from both perspectives:
Manager: If you can not trust on someone then you can't get your work done the best way.
Co-worker: If you are not able to build trust and you are not valued better to start looking for a change ;)