Friday, March 07, 2008

Load/Stress Testing of me

I tried to avoid myself to document my life but I can't resist. I am testing myself how much load and time I can manage to get my life worth and utilize my time. After all its all about competing against yourself ;-)
Right now I have a lot of work in my plate, I am working on my project (flash and flex), giving training to 5 new joined persons in flash and given them 5 projects to each so that I can show case them on my company site, working as an active member in employee activity team, and today there was too much stress, as we have organized an event(Ma"NEWS" Malhotra Show) for all of employees. Till afternoon it was bearable but its get interesting when we received some interesting mails from some of employees. I learned from event that HRM and fun is needed at workplace for success of a company. If any of the two people have some misconception about each other, it is a failure. Thinking as an enterpreneur, I am taking a lot of responsibilities and delegating some of them which I have already expreienced; learning is happening here and its a high time for me to be more productive. But here one thing is lacking, I am not able to give time to my family and love.
Pushing myself so much hard till I say, enough, nah Enterpreneur are never happy and never satisfied for continuous improvement. Does this lane goes to "Perfection" ? I don't know, I could have been working on my project only and not looking any where else and be like I was in past. Not able to communicate well, shy enough that never try to talk with a girl, can't work continuously on many activities, never participate in any events and many other. When I remember those days I feel, I have wasted most of the time in my past but I have also learnt a lot from the experience from my old environment. In my past, my environment consist of 4 or 5 old people with whom I used to go on a walk, they discuss there experience, and I realize those experience are valid, they have faced life, I am happy and sad at the same time. After all I can feel happiness only if I can feel that I am sad. I think its getting more and more complex, these words are coming after my stress testing. This journey is going on, lets see what I get next month as in April we have apprasel.... How much increment I can expect ... unbelievable