Thursday, January 10, 2008

Time will change your character, but how you will change your image

We all learn by experience, as the time goes on, we learn from our environment and get new things. Now, suppose right now you are not good for a person, why ? Because that person could have created an image in your mind that S/he is not good for you. And once this image gets created in your mind, its hard to change it. Because there is always a fear, or you are afraid of it, if that image is again present before you, then what you will do.
Its not always others whose image gets created, your's too. When you meet someone new, S/he tries to understand what sort of person you are ;-), I mean what are the matching characteristics. And from that moment, you have given an image in his/her mind.
Now, taking it practically, if you take a picture using camera, if it gets blurred or red eye or any other effect; you have just taken a snapshot as the world see it. To understand a character you have to inside his/her mind, and understand how s/he feels about you. But do understand, if the image is taken then its too hard to change. So better give your first shot; the best shot ever. First impression is the last impression :)