Friday, December 29, 2006

writing your own shell in UNIX (Project at NCST, FPGDST)

Today, I submitted my first project "A simple Shell". This is the first project I had done at CDAC. I was the project leader in this project and the other members were:
1. Rajendra Nautiyal (d0653069)
2. Nehil Parashar (d0653074)
3. Raj Kumar Rathore (d0653083)
Project group was decided on 06/11/2006 and luckily they made me PL(Question asked by Mr. Prasad Pandit). At the beginning all of us din know how to proceed so we started reading about the UNIX and proceeded in the wrong direction. The deadline was today i.e. 29/12/2006. So we were relax as there is enough time for us but definitly we were wrong.
We proceeded in the wrong direction and in the middle we were so busy with other subjects that there is no meeting and we were loosing our enthusiasm(which should be maintained by the PL among Group) and in the last 10 days before the submission of the project we all were there with some concept. Rajendra Nautiyal had done a good job in this project. He is the one who was maintaining the strength and enthusiasm among the group members. He had given a good contribution to this project eventhough he is still confused how the flow is going and how it is working. Nehil Parashar (we call his parser as the task given to him was parsing) stuff was to perform the parsing stuff. He had done very well but it was too late for me. The output which I was expecting was not there at all. Raj K. Rathore is the person who loose all hopes and was not able to perform well in the project. Now, it comes to me what I had done? In the middle I too loose the hope for the completion but due to Rajendra Nautiyal I was able to merge the project in one and do the other stuff in the project like combining all, Report, Documentation etc. In the beginning I was fast but as the group is not that much fast so lessen my speed and in the middle loose.
We named our shell as [PTStation] (Programming Test Station). My concept which I was using to crete something as the name says i.e. Something like PARIKSHAK but you know the overall story what happened. But what we have submitted is a good job done by all.
Simultaneously another project of CNET(Computer Networks) is running. Luckily, the group members have made in PL in this project as well. We are simulating the work of DLL(Data Link Layer) in the TCP/IP Stack. As from the first project we have learned lots of things so I can believe that we will not face such sort of problems. My group members in this proejct are:
1. Rajendra Nautiyal
2. Raj K. Rathore
The submission deadline for this project is 05thJan'07. Let's see how far we can go.

NCST is giving me what I need with all the facilities and support, But there is one thing which I am in lack of i.e. CONSTANT MOTIVATION.